Electric Dylan

by Roger Ford


First, this site will be off the air for some time as my ISP, Virgin Media, is kindly withdrawing their webspace facility from all customers on 28 April 2016.  The site in any case really needs to be moved to a platform more up-to-date than FrontPage.  The web address will inevitably change and has yet to be determined, but I'm sure it won't be hard to find.

Second, last year's release of The Cutting Edge Collector's Edition needs to be assimilated into the site, and this will take some time. I am first writing a series of articles for the Dylan fanzine ISIS, giving a detailed commentary on the studio recordings contained in The Cutting Edge; the first two of these, covering the sessions for Bringing It All Back Home and Highway 61 Revisited, have already been published in print.  When this site comes back up the articles will be available here.


This site is dedicated to the recordings made by Bob Dylan in 1965-66, and in particular to the many different versions of these records that have appeared over the years.

Most of the articles on this site originally appeared in the UK Dylan journal The Bridge. They have since been updated considerably, and will continue to be revised from time to time.

Comments and corrections are welcome; please e-mail me at rogerfordxblueyonder.co.uk , replacing the x with an at-sign.

 Blonde On Blonde Updated July 2015

 Highway 61 Revisited  

 Bringing It All Back Home

 Mono and stereo - some general points

 The 2003 SACD and 2004 remastered CD reissues

 The 2010 mono reissues


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